Creating gifs was really fun experience. I had never done this before and learning that opened a lot of doors. I can say most of my gifs went really creepy but I did some funny ones in advance. I like the work I did as they had a lot of thought behind them.


I just liked the creepiness of that image and how it is like looking to another dimension.   LookIntoInfinity_DSC_7611_H

I really liked a type of art that is rising now that includes a painting or a picture and is made to a gif with a really subtle movement.1917581_1098836216807506_2002455371376619056_nSomeone had to give that man a cooky for that acting in Inglourious Basterds.NikolayCookyUntitled-2

The previous night I watched an episode of Arrow a series that a friend of mine watches and I really liked the scene where it all went to hell and then the main guys girlfriend broke up with him and at the same time gained the ability to walk and went out. It was funny but I was not able to recreate the moment through a gif.



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