I enjoyed this task because I recently started loving typography and it was a good way to learn to look for type everywhere. Even though I used only real typography I also sow a lot of things that could have become a typeface by themselves. I started to create my typeface even before starting the task. I have already had a folder where I put pictures of typefaces I have seen. For the next month I just took pictures of typography wherever I went, especially during the vacation when I went back home. After the vacation me and John went to London for a day, so that we can full our journals and for a couple of more reasons. I got a big variety of pictures that filled around 40 paged book. Copied them on a nice acrylic paper. I don’t like the white paper that is used for copying. The design of the book was created by the overall theme of the typography inside. Because I chose a lot underground street art typography I designed my book to look more unfinished and lake a sheep replica even though I spend a lot of time figuring how it should look and a lot of time making it. Here are a few pictures that I used in the book.


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