The bookbinding was really interesting. As a bookworm as I like to be I love books and to see how to create them was really interesting for me. We started by binding one of the simplest examples. It looked more like a flyer than a book and it allowed as to get used of the materials that we had to use. fa16bd32f18d70573cf619688624aa25 These and a candle wax with which we must wax the thread to preserve it from rotting and absorbing water.

To create a book you firstly have to know what kind of a book will it be. Depending on how long should it last, for what use it will be, what should it represent. If you want people to connect with it more emotionally you should make it heavier. Because that way you will trick the brain to make it interested and mislead him that it has a lot of valuable information. The paper is another factor not only the thickness but the way it feels, people get stimulated by touch and feelings which they relate to emotions. The biggest factor of judgement of the book is its cover. People may say, yeas you should not judge a book by its cover, but we would never stop doing that on the sub levels of our brains. That is why you should be able to find the best way to display the book by its cover. Showing thickness or something interesting on it, playing with bulging or concave forms. Depending on how strong the book should be, you can chose what typo of stitching you have to make. c753bcfc6d59a30ddde9839e1f859643

The second book we created was more complicated, we used Japanese type of stitching, which was more complicated and stronger to hold.



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