Following the typography task we were tasked to create a poster for an imaginary museum of patterns. The task was really interesting but we had to use our already created type. Because I didn’t like my newly created type I had nothing to begin with. Which it turned out was a great thing, it allowed me to look at the task freshly and to create it to something I love.

Lover of bicycles and everything with them It was the first thing that came in mind. The Idea was to create a Bicycle Pattern Museum so that I can mix the thinks I like with the task. It was a great start. I had an idea and it was close to the heart, something I am passionate about and we discussed that with Viv and she was really interested in what I wanted to do. So she directed me to start with the logo om my museum, as I hearkened her. IMG_20160317_0001I looked through a lot of bicycles at first trying to find something that will give me an idea and will inspire me. I also looked at other peoples’ works at the same topics. When I was walking around with friends, every time I spotted a bicycle I took a picture of it, which helped me a lot with visualizing my goal and gaining farther knowledge of the modern bike. After the first presentation Viv and my colleagues had pinpointed some good looking sketches and Viv wanted more experiments. She specifically wanted from me to play and rearrange the parts of a bike and make a logo out of it. This was not an easy task, the main problem is that bikes have a lot of thin components not visual from distance. Even when I started I couldn’t feel it. A logo should be minimalistic, too many elements breaks everything that a logo should bring. Bbice

I wasn’t happy with that I was doing so I took a step back and looked to the other designs and started doing the one I liked the most.BrawnUntitled-2

After the logo, appeared the topic what typeface I had to use. We had to apply our own typeface to the posters. So I started looking at patterns: wheels, body, spoke, steering wheel. New Document(4) 14-Apr-2016 13-49-18hsh-pdf 21-Apr-2016 01-44-57(1)Because at that time we were already in Easter break I made my type designs in any sheet of paper that I could have found as ideas were floating around. During that time I met with a really good Bulgarian graphic designer Dimitar Traychev from graphic design studio “Stalker” who showed me some of his posters and how to approach the topic. It was really interesting to speak with him and to see through his eyes as he is more Russian philosophy based.

Looking at the different components of the bicycle I tried to combine them so that I can create different letters. But there was allays something missing. The letters did not have character, they weren’t expressive. Till I noticed one element of the bicycle, that wasn’t that used as a representative but it is very crucial to the system, the chain. It has a very expressive way of bending really rough and at the same time oval. Because of the vintage environment that I wanted to represent, I used the old way of lining machines to create my type. Typedesign2

Inspired of his work I started looking for my own design. While he was showing me his posters I noticed how the background image, kind-of overwhelms the environment and the other is just an information for the event. As I followed him, I used the main element representing the bicycle as a key element in my first design. I made it look vintage so it represents the history of the culture, as something so old to be so respected in the nowadays.

This was just an idea but during the second presentation it went really bad because I did not take picture myself. So my next step was to make the pictures for my poster ant to arrange it. It was just in time the idea of Viv to go and visit The Design Museum that had a exhibition of the bicycle history. Me and John went in London to take pictures for the typography journal and also ideas for the museum poster and pictures. While we were going around I noticed a really quiet magical alley, which reflected the calmness of the street environment of the bicycler in the city. I also created a sculpture of the wheel and I took picture of it as a background.

A little Photoshop for effects and to give more of a story. I cropped it so that I can specify some elements. I focused on the sky of the first picture but still left a small part of the road so that it can represent the freedom of the bicyclist. Represents how even we can see the building as something that troubles our minds, closing our hearts in cages, in this picture they are more of a stairway to the sky, to freedom. The sculpture that I made was more of a representation of the history of the bike or the one thing that drove people for new way of thinking. The wheel as a symbol of never-ending cycle of the people driven out of gray daily routines.

During my second lecture with Mo we talked about presenting our work and she mentioned how the third years leave some samples on the chairs before their presentation. That is why I made tickets for my museum.Tickets

I was inspired by my colleague Hannah who was speaking about how her museum was going to look like, so I created some of the labels in my museum.

Presenting my work was the worst. I was the last person and we had a exhibition going on at the same time when I had to present. Because everyone took over than 15 minutes each. I was stressed out, had enough and just didn’t give a flamingo for what I had to present. My presentation was 2 minutes long, I think I broke a record. They pointed at some problems of my poster but I just gave them to understand that I put a lot of thought in my work. After their thoughts I left the tickets, went for a beer and to look at the exhibition.


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