Most typefaces originate first on paper and than are recreated in there computer form. The type that we created had to be created through limiting as circles 9×9 which obligated as to create simple shapes. Due to that reason I started creating my type directly on the compute. The computer allowed me to think more faster through the forms that were limiting me. Instead of trying to fill each “pixel” on paper, I filled them on Illustrator which allowed me to work faster and to finish more ideas. If I had started on paper it would have taken me much more time to complete one type but I would have had much more ideas which would not have worked through the restricting guides.

These are some of the types that I came up with. I wanted to be more experimental so I tried to finish two of them which were the both extremes. One too simple and ordinary ant the other too wacky.

I like the fond even though it looks really unnatural and out of place. It was really fun to create it and to be able to use it after that. I became really interested with the creation of typefaces during that task.


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