Going to the drawing classes was not such a bad idea. Because I already had the knowledge of the human body the first lesson was basic for me. As I went early I helped Mo draw the skeleton on a white costume.

It was going to be for someone to put on so that we could draw him but we did not have time for that in the end. On it we had to make quick sketches of people, just giving as the opportunity to create what we want faster and with the right skills. We used tape to tape each other bodies so that we could study the basic human shapes.

We got further knowledge of how the body is structure looking at a skeleton. Understanding how the bones merge and go along we have already learned the human body. 2016-03-02 17.27.03 After understanding the human body we started applying our skills by producing several really quick sketches of a group of people. Helping as to get more practice of the shapes this task was really interesting. We got to the limits of our abilities. In the end we had just a minute to create the whole scene.2016-03-02 17.26.51 Really fun and good practice for the hand. In the end for relaxation we had to draw the skeleton from our point of view as we stood in a circle around it. 2016-03-02 17.26.58in between the tasks I also had time to draw a skull of a cow I think. The task were really fun and had me going long after. At home I drew a couple of fast stick figures just to keep the flow.

The next week we started looking at perspectives.IMG_8156

It is boring!

The week after though was really interesting because we had to look at patterns and representing textures of different objects.

I really like details so I immediately fell in love with the task. First we had to do different types of shading, after that a pattern, a repeating element in the forms that we were looking at. And at the end we had to create a complicated form out of the information we gathered.

After these three weeks we had the opportunity to go two more times. I went to the second one where we did some face drawings. We did an interesting task where we drew we thought looking at what we were doing. I do not see how this would help as but it was fun. After that we used a screen to make the proportions of a face and to draw it more detailed.


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