After the trip we had to finish our LGBT project so I did not have a lot of time to begin the second part of the essay. Another thing is that I had not finished the first part of it yet. So there were a lot of things going on at that time. The next week we had meeting with Mo to discuss how the essay is going and if there were any questions, unclean topics. And it came as a result that there weren’t that many books in the library on the topic of some objects, not to say nun, so it was hard to start a book research on themes that were not in the library. The outcome was that we were allowed to write about whatever we wanted in the restrictions of Modernism. This was a huge relief of the subject but I still wanted to include something of the trip even if it meant researching only on the internet. The questioner gathering was very helpful, it answered some crucial  topics. With it we understood that we have to put pictures in the essay and we have to reference it, how is the bibliography part supposed to be, where must we include the reference and many more.Modernism+A2+complete+RGB

     The following two week each of as appointed a meeting with Mo so that we could discuss the essay till this moment. I had almost finished that part till that moment but the text rough. Beside that, Mo got the idea and was very helpful of the way I should proceed. She directed me to go to the librarians so that they could help me for the second part and to go to the STUDY HUB to the CS people. She told me to go to my English teacher for help which I already did, and even most of the times she is just preparing as for the essay without as asking for it which was very helpful since It is sometimes me and Anna the only students in the English classes at all. I discussed with Mo how should I get the information from the resources that I use, how much should it be from them and from where would it be the best to be gotten out from. It was great that the information should be from books since I love staying in the library and reading on the topic rather than searching in the web and screening the information.maxresdefault My first idea when I was speaking with Mo was to write about Art Nouveau a really interesting stile of art and George Carlin a tremendous American comedian, but after thinking about it I thought it would be better to write something related with my course.

That is why I chose writing about Futurism as it is a precursor of Graphic Design. Because I wanted to squirm myself and I wanted to learn new things about those objects of my interest magazine DADAphone and Festival of Britain. I immediately was caught by the stirred outlines of the Dada movement.

dada1.jpg The other thing that interested me was The Festival of Britain heir of 1851 universal exposition bringing the memories of the past and the creations of the new time together. That theme brought interest immediately to me when I saw it. I already had the research for futurism because I liked the movement, The Festival of Britain was easy to find information in the library.aerial_1871948i I looked through some books and got interested of how it preceded. It had a whale story attache to it, people had to walk through a specific path. For magazine DADAphone it was a whale new story though. There wasn’t any information in the library only a few mentioning some short information on the existence of a magazine promoting the Dada movement. Later on when I was researching the web I found a lot of information on the topic. It turned out not only that the magazine was something very big but that that exact on DADAphone No7 was one of the presenters of the movement in Paris and one of the last issues of the magazine.


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