“A passerby whistles a tune at the exact moment that you notice the reflection of a branch in a puddle which in turn and simultaneously a combination of damp leaves and excited birds in some old garden, and the old friend, long dead, suddenly steps out of the past, smiling and closing his dripping umbrella. The whole thing lasts one radiant second and the motion of impressions and images is so swift that you cannot check the exact laws which attend their recognition, formation and fusion… It is like a jigsaw puzzle that instantly comes together in your brain with the brain itself unable to observe how and why the pieces fit, and you experience a shuddering sensation of wild magic.”

`The Art of Literature and Common Sense’, in Lectures on Literature (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1980).
Vladimir Nabokov

With the mood that that left you I must say the task was much more fun and cheerfuller. We had to research one of the topics Youth culture, Mental Health, Crime and using our skills in cropping, balance and juxtaposition, create a visual essay/story in 12 sequential images. Expressing the story in thoughtful, poetical and creative way we had to create a sequence of pictures that work together as a collection, but not in isolation. The requirement parameters of the work had to be on 200mm x 200mm pieces of paper.

         Because I’m not a good story teller, but more an idea teller I began searching for movies that I can present. The movies that I usually like washing are philosophical and thought provoking though I stay in touch with the ongoing brainwashing modern films. I decided to stay true to myself and chose to recreate the topic Mental Health because it allowed me to think more thoroughly over the psychological processes of the human mind. I started researching Tarkovsky’s films which are based entirely over inner meanings, metaphorical and thought provoking, exploring the human consciousness. My first thoughts over which film tho chose were for “Stalker”. Which is about the account of a journey by two men and their guide through a mysteriously unspecified zone full of invisible dangers. The object of the journey is obscure and the story focuses on the resistance of the modern man, the man of reason, to believe in god.

    Soon enough I realized that the topic does not meet the task and was forced to drop the movie. My next attend was “Persona”, which is a marvelous movie directed by Ingmar Bergman and a top ten of favorite and inspirational movies of Tarkovsky. As a real inspiration to the author you can guess how philosophical and metaphorical can be. I watched the movie for the first time and took sketches of the movie. In the end I realized how much details there are in such a movie and was too challenging to represent e even a small part because it was all linked to the overall picture.

   My final quite risky decision was to represent the movie “Forrest Gump”, a story of an autistic man dealing with life. I say risky because my decision was based on showing the cay ideas of the movie and based on that they can think out what was the movie and how the story moved.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After putting our works on the wall we had to look through each others works and take notes of how they did. After we discussed our designs we had to mark each others works by the same criteria that the tutors are marking as. We involved deeply into the work and dissected every single piece and looked at it though its basis. We spoke with each other for what should we improve, how our work is working, what made the work really good.

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