2ca93e3     LikeMinds Consulting is an agency which purpose is to launch transformation within schools. The create and runner of the agency is Tom Barwood. He has worked in the advertisement area, and has a lot of experience in the field of teaching. Nowadays, he says , it is harder to sell you work because everyone has a limited time and it is hard to drag the attention, unlike the in the 80s.

Now deciding your future is hard. It is like the person who you weren’t allowed to go with and the one were allowed while you were a kid. Your innervation will always make assumptions. Of course waking up with the idea of having to work a job that you don’t want to work for the next 5 years isn’t the best ideas and that is what he learned the hard way. We need to love our job to be creative and to live better life.

“Learned Optimism – How to change your mind and your life”

Great book observing the main concepts of Tom Barwood’s cause. Ideas like how is a healthy person is allays someone who is very optimistic but has an inaccurate perspective of the future. How our fears of taking risks is pulling as down vs the desire(the pay of). How our brain is measuring everything putting it on scale Features vs Benefits. And in the end what makes you different pays you off because you submit something different than the others. The word “Don’t” has always caused an opposite reaction. It it  reminds as of how we want to oppress our parents be against the rules, create our own rules.

There are numerous books exploring sign, body language, eye accessing, use of props, curiosity, getting people to listen and yet we are just touching the topic with that. The whale meaning of these thing is for visual artists to use methods to use these human weaknesses for achieving there goals. It all seams very complicated, but it is not, and I kan prove it to you: one word can change a full sentence “yet”. How do you feel when I tell you “I’m not an astronaut” vs “I’m not astronaut yet”. It creates a new meaning with which I create the illusion that I am going to become an astronaut in some point of time. Another example is, well start listening to yourself or the people around you, every look, every move is coded action. We weren’t born this way, but this is the firs language we learned. With that knowledge we can control the circle spins and how every action results before the next spin.

->Past -> potential -> action -> results ->belief ->

Another believe that Mr Barwood shared with as was the white sheet with a black dot – which makes as focus on the dot presenting how we are focusing on the bad. I don’t fully understood how this thing explained the situation because if the sheet was yellow we would say a “Hmm, a yellow paper with a black dot” assuming that we are going to recognize that there is a second color but not just a white sheet of paper.

Either ways it brings as to another point of achieving our goals and how that is also coded in a singular graphic like so:

->belief -> potential ->action ->results ->

It is like The Marshmallow story where we can find the kids who are going to achieve something in there lives by simply measuring there will of success. Are they willing enough to wait five minutes to eat the marshmallow if they know that they are going to get another one if thy wait.


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