Johnny Kelly – a Director & Animator from Dublin, based in London. He had worked at various graphic design studios before completing an MA in Animation at The Royal College of Art in 2007. He has a great work with clients such as Adobe, BMW, Coca-Cola and Vitra, in addition to interactive commissions for Google and the V&A Museum. His two minute film for Chipotle won a pair of Grand Prix at Cannes. He is an AGI member, and has judged for AICP and D&AD. In conclusion of the information about him that I gust copied and pasted I would like to say That he is also a greats speaker, presenter and very charismatic person has a lot to say, and he did it.

Here are his “13 things he has have learned in the past 15 years”:

~ 1.  “Don’t get comfortable!”

He shared whit us how in his previous works, before even starting animation, that he was a graphic designer and he, as one had been thought of typography, making posters, pliers and so on, and he had gained a lot of skills with that .He was working with companies that were strictly choosing there people and made a great environment for working. So, he was getting too comfortable with the place he was working and closed himself for new ideas,in other words he got lazy. There was no inspiration for him to work anymore unless he changed something. As a result he ended up in the Royal College of Arts where he had the chance to explore and create a whale new media – animation. Soone after graduating he worked for Nexis, an animation production company. He was amazed how each director has it’s own stile of making his work, he finally cold have challenge himself and get uncomfortable of himself and try to create different things and experience the trill to work with innovative people. He created really good short commercials which you can find on the website:  nexusproduction.com . One of them become really famous because of the touching feelings and was allowed to be put on television an cinemas around the world even though it was too long for that. Because of his desire to do new things he had challenged himself to do a different layout for every project that he was given each time. That is how he created and improved his bag of stuff. The thing that He thing that works the best for keeping you enthusiastic and ongoing, he says, is when you try to change yourself an get out of you shell.


~2.  “It can look a bit shoddy as long as the idea is strongish.”

Focusing on the ideas is more helpful than rather getting you obsessed with how it is looking. he showed his university project where he had to make a short animation film for some experiences of his. He chose to do for the word Procrastination because he did not have any other stronger experiences before. Even though the he had to make one film, he had created a lot of short film that each showed the idea. He did not have fully idea of the how it would end up in the end but he had a clean idea of what his word meant for him and he just worked on the idea.

~3.  “Work with nice people.”

Chose a good team is easy you gust search for the best companies, but pairing up with good people, ones that you feel close isn’t that easy, people that mach you in what you want from the world. He also shared his experience as a character animator he has to know acting, and master this skill. One great example is the project that he and his colleges created for http://www.makeshapechange.com/ Showing how does a collaborative work with people with ideas works in its best, people that haven’t lost their fire and want to change the world.


~4  “Think by doing”

Doing a project we you must think of every single detail. Because a project is a collaborative work between artists, transformation works must be done with every ones involved and with small change. In the end it all gets to the final peace where even the smallest details take part. As an example we can look at Salvation Army’s advertisement https://vimeo.com/80004346 where well the sound even though greatly adjusted had been left a little to loud and it enabled details of the work. So the minimalist the details and left the feeling of the environment to the sound.


~5  “Lists are helpful”

Sketching is really helpful. It allows you to store your ideas when you can’t be on the working place. Sometimes the greatest ideas come when you are on a walk outside and after that it’s gone. 539804023

~6  “A rat needs to run alone a wall to escape”

The idea came prom a real rat that had been hiding in his bedroom. Because he had to catch it he did a little research and found that concept which also applies to humans. We all find it easier to run along borders, something known for as to be able to create something that we are able to communicate with. If we don’t get the subject that we are doing we are going to fail.

~7  “Constraints are good”

Constraining yourself with creating something simple allows you open the topic and deconstruct it, so in the end you have created a more deeper understatement of the topic that could be more easily understood

~8  “Don’t overthink it”

Everything must be easy to proces and understand from the consumer. Perfect example is the New York Times magazine advert https://vimeo.com/81209488 which presented a book within a book within a book… Which you can get the idea directly of a lot of knowledge within one magazine.


~9  “Learn on the job” The main idea of a job is facing the same challenge every day, but this does not mean it has to be like this. Good chance to gain experience is to work on each project differently and to learn from you mistakes. To see which things people like and which fail to represent the idea. The idea is to go foreword even if there are some failures. You need to fulfill the need of new ideas. You have to be organized with all the things that you learned and to work for every project independently.

~10  “Copy a screen”

A simple copy of a screen can help you get the idea out in the real world, letting you visualize the main idea.

~11  “Terrify yourself”

Scare yourself to get on the work process. Put deadlines and challenges just to get you out of the lazy zone.

~12 “Slow down your brain”

Sometimes our brains can’t handle the pressure and just collapse. That is why you need to lend them time to digest the things. Making time for it is the greatest way even if it’s just taking a shower. Johnny told as how he lends time for his brain to relax by going through the park before work.

~13  “Divide and conquer”

The easiest way to finish your work is by dividing it. Even some of the scariest works, you can break on to pieces that are easier to swallow.

Doing think not for others but for yourself is he ticket for great success. Risk will allays hold us back if that means letting your dreams down I don’t think it’s worthy. We must conquer our freedom and let ourselves do the things we like the most, this is how the greatest works are created.





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