In the second lecture of the creative suit we started learning to use Wacom tablets. Because I have one home and I have gotten used to it it was more easy for me to begin. Of course Graphic tablets are hard for use for the first few wears. It is hard to get the sensation of not looking what are you drawing not directly on the sheet of paper but on the screen.

The task is using Adobe Illustrator, Drawing tablet and different kind of brushes, and the shapes that we were given, to design a compelling character. The character should be cartoony and simple, like one of those coffee mug or kids books characters.(for example 197800424 )

My work was based On the red circle that I had. So the original thing was to make a smily face. I did not put a lot of thought process for the rest, I was just playing around and thinking of slaying a dragon maybe. The second idea came from a friend that was sitting next to me, that had a square have had found a lovely picture of a lama and a chicken, hence the idea of this pigeon under.


The following week we had to learn to use InDesign for the elective. The task was to create a portfolio. Which was not so easy. To create Identity from scratch. I decided to create a portfolio of the previous work in the elective but because I have had all the works lost I had to create them again which took me a lot of time and did not finish any work at that day. Even though I did not get a lot of practice of the program the lecture was really helpful and really interesting. Anna showed as how to use the program and showed as some tricks that she uses.


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