Art and the idea of visual story telling is a huge topic from which we took a bite that day. We focused on pictures of people and how can we manipulate them to receive different results. Viv thought as trough the different types manipulations and how these reflects in the final work.

  • Juxtaposition – Juxtaposing objects from different “worlds” can sometimes speak a lot, as you can see on the picture below, even if it is just a picture.

    Sometimes through that effect you can create some fun scenarios like those, even though they were not created on purpose.

  • Reflection – There is something really beautiful in finding a puddle reflecting some colorful scene. It is like if you found a portal through a different reality. Reflecting the world from a different perspective.


  • Croping – Through cropping we are able to minimise the disrupting background and to focuse on the main object so that it can present more fluently what the author wants to express.



  • Sequence – creating a movement into a picture can be recreated in different ways, but sequencing can allow as to see in stopmotion every single detail of that movement. That is why it is such an interesting effect to look at complicated movements.


  • Hiding/Concealing – How can we present more trough hiding something? Well it is not that strange actually. Through hiding part of the body  of a person we make the audience curious of what is being hidden from them. Because people have build associations with what different part of the body represent the picture tarts to build a story.
  • Shade/Tone/Contrast – Through these forms we can gain more mystification of the object we want to present, to make it look like from different times.
  • Light -The main thing in photography is light. You can not be just out taking pictures if you are a photographer, you have to know when to get out so that the light can be perfect for the perfect shot.
  • Overlaying –
  • Desaturation and Saturation -Two opposite things that represent diferent points in photography. Desaturation focuses on the philosophical characteristics and inner-meanings of the objects putting them in the grey environment of the everyday monotony. Saturation brings the joy of colors and lets the objects to stand out.
  • Collage – Abusing the pictures or creating a different meaning trough using parts of pictures.
  • Mixed media -Just magic. Everything creative you can think of.

Pictures allays tell stories because we are used of making them when we want to capture the good moments of our lives. We associate them with real live events even if they are made up.That is why we, as graphic designers, should be able to use that concept of the mind to guide it in our favors. Using an already presenting a story image we can play around and add different meaning to it, therefore bending reality. Using the techniques above we had to create, in an hour time, several works. Before coming to university we had get ourselves a magazine, which we had to use for the work. I didn’t have, so I Googled some images.

Because scamps like this are usually used for political purposes and the firs things that I sow were pushing me that way, I made some too. But after getting used of the subject I started to create more playable ones.

After finishing the lesson I continued to make scamps but on Photoshop. That opened options to use the bigger variety of options for which we were thought earlier. I wanted to limit myself, though, so that I can create more things but be able to value how every options changes the meaning of the picture. I liked that Madonna cover and liked how much it was saying for it’s times and wanted to exaggerate it even more.




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