Communicating with scamps looks very easy, but it’s not. As visual communicators graphic designers must be able to quickly scamp an idea, so that he can get as many ideas as possible. This will help him to filter out the bad ideas from the good ones. That is why we were signed the task “100 ways to squeeze a lemon”, so that we can gain more experience and become more confidante of work.

      We started the task together, shearing ideas and helping each other out. Even though me and John were separated from the group we were listening to the groups conversation. I, as always tried to create things that nobody would think of, but found it very difficult at one point. Because I am interested in the historical facts that we are learning in modernism classes I wanted to recreate the idea of squeezing a lemon through some of the main movements. And that is when I remembered how much I love Art Nouveau, so I wrote it down and continued to make drafts so that I can see what I can put in the frame of the art. I guess it just fitted, Freddie Mercury in Art Nouveau style. I tried using famous paintings to recreate my point of squeezing a lemon. I used famous book, film and comic book references for which I knew a lot of people knew. I used references because it is well known that people love to feel a part of a suburb culture, where you can relate with somebody on a topic, and feel a part of something.

The whole weak after, I tried to make four finished works which I will present. That, was the big mistake that I made. Instead of doing creative works, which will need a little more adjustments to be finished, but will represent my idea, I tried to make three finished, too simple and not that interesting works. This misunderstanding of what was required for me to do, led to my downfall to present my concept. I think I had great ideas and I just threw them in the trash bin. Creating those tree failures I learned how crucial it to communicate with one another trough the hall process. Instead of closing yourself in a shell. The ideas that I presented were the easiest to create and I don’t fully like them, but I learned my lesson.

After all that work we had to put our designs on the wall, give a quick presentation of them and comment on others people works. Putting our shameful works on the wall wasn’t something pretty, but commenting on them was hell. Everyone was felt awkward at first but after a wile everyone felt a little more comfortable and we started giving ideas to each other, constructive criticisms. We started noticing each others ways of working. We encouraged each other and guided them to continue working on one of their best ideas.

There weren’t a lot of comments about my works because they were too completed and were not expressing interesting ideas. That is why I think they liked the idea of my one not finished work. Because it was in progress and the ideas of it was more complicated.

The next step is to continue making my Freddy Mercury lemon (Freddy lemon) and to present as a final.

LemonFreadyIt was not that easy, I started doing it on paper, but I couldn’t make it with the straight lines I wanted, so I switched to Illustrator. I made a couple of mistakes there and in the end I wanted to make more shapes in the colored part of the background but because of the mistakes that i made earlier I couldn’t and I had to be satisfied with what I had.


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