We had the great opportunity to meet Jonathan Barnbrook founder of the most well-known creative studios in Britain “Barnbrook” has been a guest to the industry Friday. He made all of David Bowie posters and music covers for the last fifteen years, although he says he never expected him to come back for the next cover. The unfortunate death of the artist was very painful for him because he knew him personally for so long. Jonathan thought as that through his experience he found that working directly with his customers is the best way to have good results. Sometimes you can teach them, show them how things work. Visual grammar isn’t simple. Not a lot of people understands it. We already know how crucial it is for the outcome to be simple. With little, to say a lot. And that we see in the design of David Bowie’s last album covers and posters. And in honor of the old times they have creates a vinyl record, which also is very simple. Black record in a black cover with a star cut ought of it and black type. With his now well known black star type.maxresdefault The black on black type worked really cool. In some books they try to make invisible type the same way using shining paper but most of the times it’s just stupid looking, totally not on point. But on the vinyl looks so pretty.

Another big and really interesting project they have worked on was Banksy’s Dismaland. Where they designed the cruel bus-museum where they putted all kinds of things that were created to heart you legally. Just to help the government gain control over the individuals. They had to buy a bus, which he says was really easy, considering how strange it is. But the project was on low budget so they could not do a lot. dismaland_banksy_castle_h_2015

   Jonathan says that he isn’t very concordant with the idea of paying for graffiti, because the soul purpose of this type of art is to display the world as it is, to be anti-government. but it is still bugging with those things so it is fine. Shaping the world as we want is and showing it as it is, this is how an artist should display himself. We as artist must lead the way of awakening ones, for all the people who are being slaved by the government. Making projects that can help people see.

But making a living out of it isn’t that easy. Most of the artist use galleries like Art Basel to display globally their art.

Typefaces are the fundamental part of graphic design. It is the big grand gesture with which we communicate and as the simple expression of language. But the type itself can be speaking on its own and there Jonathan had created some that were inspired by the times in which he lived and showing as thy way in which history influenced him. Types such as “bastard” type inspired by the fact that everybody loved Helvetica and that he was interested in some old types of typography.  And also “Tourette” type.

We as graphic designers are flowing every type of art trying to improve society. Taking part in Modernist utopia, Bauhaus and so on. It is influential for as to use our past to create and in a constant search of visual influence. We have to be allays working and that is why we should love our work.




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