The context of the work was to raise the awareness of accident caused by wet surfaces. Slipping, tripping and falling have been collectively considered as the the single highest reported cause of accident, across all UoB campuses. The task – to create an eye catching poster which will clearly communicate a message of safety awareness. By using current research into modernism and typography, with a particular emphasis on constructivist  ideology. Considering composition, scale, crop, hierarchy.

First of all I considered the task and dissecting it to separate problems:

  1. The poster has to be easily  recognizable from the other posters.
  2. It has to be clear in what it is presenting, even before reading it.
  3. Has to present modernism and in particular “emphasizing on constructivist ideology”(representing the time period).
  4. Consider what to include in the poster and how should make people remember it easily.
  5. Use hierarchy to present it in order of load and burden of the elements.
  6. Find or create type that will represent the time period.

After creating main points I started brainstorming what is the most recognizable symbol of “Be careful”, “danger”, symbols of “slippery floor”, “wet floor”.

After looking it trough I found how much warning colors like yellow and red, play important roll in what the signs are representing, so I sticked with that. Considering the time period it had presented, I had to find the most simple shapes to present what I want. I also had to search for dynamic of my object, because this was one of the key ideas of the time. Breaking the rules of the static image, separating from the flat sheet of paper .

I also checked in “Red star over Russia : a visual history of the Soviet Union from 1917 to the death of Stalin : posters, photography and graphics from the David King collection” by David King, 1943; “Designed to sell : turn-of-the century American posters in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts / by Frederick R. Brandt ; with essays by Robert Koch, Philip B. Meggs, including a fully illustrated catalogue of 111 posters in the collection of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts compiled with the assistance of M. Kathryn Shields” Frederick R. Brandt, 1936 and “Posters American style” by Therese Thau Heyman.

A thing, that I discovered reading through the books, is the use of mathematical structures to structure the layout. Even some mythological figures to our time like the golden grid and the Fibonacci sequence. Grids, I just don’t need to talk about how much they used. They found freedom in those structures, in the order.FibonacciSpiral_Vector_Clipart

Wile reading the books, I was doing some sketching out some typical layouts that I can use. I started applying it to my first designs like so:Untitled-1.jpgUntitled-1.jpgThis was when I added the most components and started to select them by how they look what the have applied to the poster. The first one was catchy, but it was visually empty and too scattered. I found interest with the second one because I found potential. So I started modeling it up, taking parts, adding parts, adding text, applying type and so as you can see :

We had a practice with the Risograph so I decided to what would I get out from the printer.

After printing them out I considered that the best will be to get feedback from the  people that I was designing it for. So I spoke with Viv and Colin which reminded me to check the hierarchy and to use movement and direction. I found putting the things in perspective, which should be the object draws the attention. In the end I thought that the danger symbol should be the on. But all of that putting in order made the image disordered making it two condensed on top: Untitled-4.3.3BedaiAfter that failure I have considered my self done with this design. I Just couldn’t get the hierarchy right. But Viv still believed in me after all of the group presented it’s work till now. After seeing the other peoples work, I remembered that the comedic, funny way of poster is allays a good idea because you will remember the joke faster and easier than a serious conversation lice the one that I was making. So I continued to play with hierarchy and the funny element and got ought with this:fin666666It still looked a bit dogy and overwhelmed by the top. I completely abandoned the idea and started from the beginning. Well not the white page beginning, but the more filled beginning. I used the most of the shapes, applied more movement and reshaped the triangle “be careful” sign, played with the red color more. Made a last minute checkup with Viv, had a little mistake with the type, and went to printing stage.8777777fin

The printing went glorious. I began to feel mo comfortable with the Risograph and the special cutting machine, because of the paper that I had to cut out for the prints. And the results by my opinion were greater than I expected. 2016-01-20 11.18.44


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