The grid is not a rational but open-ended play. It lets the artist freedom to create what he wants without searching where is the best place to set it. Making the look of the work more cohesive. Designers contently use it to organise newspapers, magazines, websites books.

With the establishment of grids in the middle of 20th century began the modernizations of the city as a cultural center and as a place people could accomplish there dreams. Some of the new modernized cities used the grid system to construct their streets, creating cities with straight streets.

Simplicity was the direction all artists and designers were headed to. Everybody was searching for simplicity and they found it in the order of the grid. The new order of Swiss designers who were imbibe every movement from the other countries in Europe.

But why are grids so simple to understand? They make it easier to engage with the image, give heading to it. With the birth of new movements movement was needed, direction. Here are some of the first creators of  grid systems.

Josef Müller-Brockmann grid.jpg 

and trying to apply new ways to see the grids.Josef-M%C3%BCller-Brockmann-poster4.jpgfig2-grid-Wim CrowelBlog-post-17-5-11-2.jpgMattMcInerney--NewAlphabet-2008.png248px-NewAlphabetSpec2.png

-David Carson – and some that tried to break the rules of grids. carson_f.png270X18001.jpg


-Marcel Duchamp


Willi Kunz


I have applied these skills on my final poster work by structuring it. Using my own grid structure I applied the skills to prevent the poster to look scattered and with two much empty space. The grids helped me to arrange my compositions in better way, and to remove the awkward feeling of not knowing where to situate each object.



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