Homework – hierarchy trough contrast    

      Employing scale, size, angle, hierarchy, contrast to control the transmission of information.

  1. Write a set of facts about your life, and create a scan or photo of an object of your choice.
  2. Map your life onto the image. Position each element on a 30 or 45 degree angle. Use cropping, scale, position and color to organize the information and create visual interest. Compose your work in a 200mm x 200mm square. Consider the full space of the square in your composition.

Uhhh this task… I hated it from the start. I hate writing about myself. I really hate it. At first I made something stupid and fast just to have something in front of the tutor.  The next day we had to show our work and, because it was shit ,I had to redo the task. So I was forced to actually do something appropriate. So, I sat down and looked at it from the perspective of the components that I had to apply. I isolated the idea that it had to be about my life and tried to think about the different words and employed scale, size, angle, hierarchy and all the things. And it became one big blob of color and .. everything.

2016-01-08 15.48.19Well I thought I was finished with this. All done ….it stood well with the others..2016-01-08 15.48.05

And then came the day of judgment where Viv had to see my homework. AAAAnd, no, she didn’t like it. I guess she was write, it was a little bit too arty, and filled with different type of types. Maybe she sow my unwillingness and offered The Deal – to let it slide for now and see what I will think of it in a year time. Its a relief by now.



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