The aims of this unit is to get you known of the era we are living in, for as to understand how did we got to this point of history and why. We start to see patterns and how art turns from a natural, nature alike to rational, rural taking part in the evolving city. We see how technology starts to take part, and achieving greater speeds starts interest the modern man. But also seeing how technology combines with nature in more modern times. We see how modernism sets in every area of life even in furniture. People starting to get consumed by the new trends. We become observers of the birth of the Graphic design. Artist see the opportunity of making their artwork in coffee shops in the dim light of the gas lamps.

The invention of all this technology and in such small section of time scares the people and we can see that in the film “Metropolis”were we see the idea of bringing nature and machine together.

De Stijl (the square and colors), avant-garde (breaking barriers, the advanced guard), Dada and Surrealism (investigating the materials), Bauhaus(stop frame technique) – all wanting to break the rules, to create something new getting closer to technology, bringing new systems and ways of thinking to how should art work trying to make the world visible and investigating the boundaries of materials.

After WW2 all that creativity flied in to the new world. America became the center the mixture of all these movements. One big mesh of art and creativity. But also of its sexualisation and degradation.

We red and heard about all these historical facts but it was hard for as to make the connection with the world that they were lived in, the time periods, so was the next task made for, to create a timeline in which we will bring all the history together.2016-01-07 10.44.142016-01-07 10.44.232016-01-07 10.44.282016-01-07 10.44.33 2016-01-07 15.08.22



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