The firs week in the new year started with a chance to work the Risograph rather than painting as we had scheduled. Firs of all for the people that don’t know what is this Risograph, it is a high-speed mass production digital printing system. It mimics the Mimeograph machine and as his predecessor it produces print on a very low cost by forcing ink through a stencil onto paper. The results are really amazing because the paint on the paper is thicker unlike the normal printing where the colors are applied by heating. The color look more dense and more coming to live, its also that feeling of touching the colors like they are not on the paper but over it.

So the task was to get more used of the printer and to print things, And we have this task on one side to make a poster, so I thought why not use this beautiful machine to get the poster out. 2016-01-04 15.01.15

Because it works on using shape to apply one color to it, unlike the ordinary printer, so we had to make dense black figures to get the machine to understand the form and the density of the colors.  2016-01-04 15.04.37Just like a press would apply the each color individually. So I had to make different layers for the individual colors.

And This is the basic of the working process. And the final outcome really makes difference from the printed from an ordinary printer work.


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