Paddy Molloy is an Illustrator working across image making, performance and installation. http://cargocollective.com/paddymolloy

The lecture was very inspiring because he is working in an environment very close to a graphic designers and he has a lot of experience  in taking part in social events which is priceless for an artistic person. Through his lecture he pointed out how is sometimes is difficult to work within a group, but how challenging and inspiring it is. In a lot of his projects he has worked with partners from a different area of art and design and knowing how people ways of thinking allays varies and you can find yourself asking”am I the wrong one, is there something wrong with me” and all this challenges bring more new ideas and entirely new concepts in art. So there I see the beauty of the conflicting debate between smart people, as we as artist are, there is beauty being born in the end of each one.

In his previous projects and still now Paddy is working on inspiring and compelling projects that people can interact with, public artwork. This is a big plus for him, directly working with the audience and getting fast feedback and there is so much beauty in seeing the results of your work and learning from it. Making collaborative work and making a world from a lot of peoples points of view.

Paddy also revealed a topic that we as art people are kind off scared about – Wat do artistic people do in their spare time between doing art projects?  So he told as that he has worked in a coffee shop and some other places that he could manage,just to get money. For good experiences he understood that a lot of things happen in coffee shops and it’s a good place to be in.

Another thing is making contacts and being an active person will help you get started for a good career. And gaining contacts during your university years is the moused precious thing that you can do as you can soon fine that these people will be your colleagues or competitors in your work soon enough, and it is good to have them as friend and someone that you can work with.SecretAgentcover-1.jpg


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