The task was to create a short animation with a word and type of our choice. We had to work in groups of two, so I worked with Ali Cox. We wanted to make something different and interesting, something funny. At first I got the idea of Fly and Cow and represent the two words as what their meanings. The Fly swarming around and the Cow eating grass and trying to kill it. The idea came from the fly tattoo that Ali has but it was too complicated to handle. We got another idea with making a spider web out of the word Spider web and a Fly getting caught in it. It was also too major idea. And then all of a sudden Ali got the idea of Devil and I added my idea of devil cracking out of hell. So we both agreed on the idea and started working. Viv gave us camera because we wanted to make it stop motion. We had some fights on what each of as should do but we made it in the end. It was great to see all the others people animations. We all worked under pressure and we sow how hard it is to work like that. The final works weren’t the greatest things, but we were proud of them.

We worked using stop motion. First fund the perfect type for what we wanted to represent and sectioned the proper one. The rest was easy but really time consuming. we had to make a picture of every individual slide. First we started with the crack, taking a picture drawing a little lines one after the other. After that we cut a hole in which the word started appearing. The last stage of creating the GIF file we kind of skip because we didn’t have time and just put the pictures through an online gif converter instead through the not so much known to as Adobe video maker. And that is why we couldn’t apply sound effects.




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