Matteo Loglio, student 2011/2012, and it is the winner of the Interaction Design Awards 2013 in the section Expressing / Encouraging self expression and/or creativity. Interaction design Awards is a renowned international competition that awards every year the best interaction design projects made by students, professionals and companies. He is actively working with Arduino, and won the award by applying it to his project IUVO. The project uses Arduion as a basis.

IUVO is a hardware/software kit that supports beginners and non-expert people in programming and making interactive objects.


PRIMO is a company co-founded by Filippo Yacob and Matteo Loglio. The purpose of the company is to make toys which can inspire children to explore the digital world around them. One of their current projects is Cubetto. cubetto


Matteo Loglio showed as a couple of his old projects from his university years. They looked really interesting and inspiring. Working with Arduino is very inspiring and I love every part of it because you can directly get the audience involved with your work. In the age of the computers and websites with Arduino you can create real live experience.

He showed as some websites that can help us with future projects: https://processing.org/


which are a learning how to code websites. And http://www.blender.org/features/   which is a 3D creating website.

Seeing all the forms that he brings to live I brings out my passion of creating forms trough out the perspective of flat sheet of paper. I allays have the desire to bring something new to the world that would inspire people through interacting with it. The lecture inspired me to look to how can I achieve some of my desires and look foreword of achieving some of my desires.



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