The Assessment 60%

  • Documenting the timeline of Modernism 1850-1950
  • Write a review of a room/exhibition – 1000 words
  • Produce bibliography for the time period, reference from a book or a website.

References and writing leader Mo.

Achieve boosting critical thinking /critical theory.

It is very important to take notes, but note the lectures are just the beginning.

The purpose :

History/theory + research + studio project + visual culture = Idea

  • Why critical thinking? – Creative thinking enriches the capacity of practitioners to imagine alternative problems.
  • Why creativity? – Critical theory primarily aims to reveal that which is repressed in/by the social.
  • Creative aims
  1. Technology analogues
  2. reinventing an artifact potential
  3. Authorship
  4. Collage
  5. Intervention – punk
  6. Time
  7. Ventriloquist
  8. Boredom




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