After the visual grammar workshop we left our works on the wall to inspire or next lesson and we headed to the lecture side of the studio. We had a lecture about typographic hierarchy. In it, we learned how to best set type. How type speaks for itself, the different stiles of type. Type alignment(how left, right,centered and justified alignment works. That left is the best for fast and easy reading and centered is for poems end other poetical literature), line spacing (it helps ease or hinder readability), hierarchy(how to guide a reader where to enter and exit), paragraphs(which divide the text to more “appetizing” portions so it can be easier to read), tracking(letterspacing), kerning(gaps between some letters)                                                                2015-12-03 12.02.12Introduction to the task: We had to apply that knowledge from he lecture by creating four different layouts. The task was to start exploring first by cutting out from paper and making prints and then applying the them to the computer module.

The next thing half of as did, though, was directly sit on the Mac and start creating from scratch, playing with type, size, line spacing and hierarchy which left as with more freedom. Unlike as, the others who were working with cutting and applying directly to the paper were quite more limited of their choices and that is why they were getting more innovative in their ideas. In the end of the task we had we found it great that we separated into groups because we had so many different examples how it is best to work and why. From the computer group, we sow that our work was looking too finished even though it had to be just in a beginning stage, that we had too many option to play with type hierarchy and our work was chaotic and incomprehensible.12313859_453771578166842_1119081771698510589_n2015-12-03 15.09.26So we saw what our mistakes were and the next thing to do for homework was to finish the task properly. 


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