Our first networking session was great, we weren’t a lot but we were enough. We worked together with the fashion students to improve your body language and our presentation skills for a job interview. We worked as a team and as individuals learning how best to show our confidence in front of the interviewer and how to leave with the best impression of ourselves. We had the opportunity to show and train different kind of positions that we do in different situations and to study them. We had a task to present the good and bad sides of a crit. When we represented our task in front of the others we had the chance to have an open discussion after that about how we did.

In the end we had to write three directions that we want to develop ourselves, here are mine:

– I find it hard to speak freely with people before an interview, especially with the people that are interviewing me.

-If I feel grumpy I have to get a coffee or I will make a bad impression of myself.

-I am bad with interacting with the interviewer/audience, so I think that I have to improve my skills of involving them in my work.

And here is a flying squirrel photo MAM-24-MC0004-01P.JPG

The second networking class I went to was supposed to be for the Advertisement Designers but I just wanted to have fun. So I went and it was only me and Ema. We did not do much because we couldn’t have made a team to work in a group, so we just discussed what we should have done that day. Mo showed as some Motivational posters reaching to the public on the themes of how to get better at presenting ourselves and building your CV and portfolio.



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