We started the lecture directly to the design fundamentals, learning more about shape and position of an object and their subconsciously influence, their visual grammar. Viv introduced as with the role of Bouhaus from where these studies have their beginnings. And directly ofter the lecture we had our first task to play with form so that we can strengthen your knowledge of the topic. We had to define the meanings of of six words : harmony, conflict, loud, calm, heavy, dynamic; by using only one shape for each. As we considered later, shapes have specific meaning and bring different feelings. Though we carried on by pure luck and senses we have gusted wright. It’s like every element of the form was ingrained into our minds with it’s meanings.

The results proved as that underneath we all make the same associations with shape, form, and space.

The next task was to create a list of words with opposite meanings and by using shape and scale, and the fond Future Bold to recreate eight of them on a 150mm to 150mm papers. The words that I chose were: Fine-Coarse, Dynamic-Stagnant, Whisper-Shout, Order-Anarchy, Clean-Dirty, Division-Unity, Early-Late, Lost-found.

20151130_222749I’m mostly using my own thoughts to recreate the words, though I red Visual grammar by Christian Leborg and am trying to apply the skills I got from it.


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