2015-10-29 12.55.06

Finally finished that project. It was a long run because I had to finish my posters for introduction to art and design. The project took me a wile to make but thanks to Dr Sylvia TzvetanovaYung who I am so thankful for helping me, and who I so much “terrorized”. Sorry! She created the code for the Arduino and helped me to hook all of the cables. The project itself was very interesting for me. After finishing that I became more fascinated with interactive objects. I love that kind of getting to the audience. I see something futuristic and fascinating in it.

For the project I used electromagnet at first which made a really good natural movement , but it broke up and I was left out with more mechanical Arduino Servo (motor).

In the end all looked good and magical. The whole thing was constructed to move when the interactive symbol it touched.

And that is how it all worked.


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