Working on the final poster found me stuck between two great poems that I found searching through the library from the book Love and loss : the roots of grief and its complications / Colin Murray Parkes Swinburne “Dolores” 1866 and A general theory of love / Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini, Richard Lannon Denise Levertov “The Secret”. 5 I always loved the kind of old leatherish paper like this and I felt that it will perfectly fit in. wallpaper-texture-old-paper Next step was applying the text. I really like simplicity and for all of the posters I wanted to show the text for the people, to make them read it, because it was too beautiful. But soon realized that this has to be more of an art exhibition and people will look at the poster as an art and started applying interesting elements that will supply the people with things to think for while looking. that stage I thought I was finished, but felt the gap in my plan. I realized that was still something left to do. So, I went to Viv and showed her my work. Through our discussion I found my mistake that there was too much empty space and found my self by revision of the text.   I used old burned out paper and a drawing of a friend of mine: Radostin Yankov


This scan was my second choice 17 I made it for the “The Secret” . I felt deeply into that poem and the butterfly was just the perfect comma. But when I printed it out it felt t0o overwhelmed. There wasn’t enough dimensions. Everything was too much eye consuming.  Fin So I had to give perspective, to let people see things one after the other, first the butterfly after that the book, to make them interested and then lead them to the text. I also asked Viv for her opinion on the topic and she directed me to dadaism and concrete poetry. I searched them through internet, found some examples and tried to experiment.ART3-1.1   ART3-1.3 ART3-1.4 ART3-1.5  ART3-1.2,2After producing the finished look I started searching the best way to display it and make people more interested into it. I used what I learned from the Essential skill set, played with the Ardoino and made mechanism using Adobe Illustrator and the laser cuter, so that the butterfly can flip its wings. ART3-1.2,2,,So as the day when we display our work to the tutor and to the colleagues, I found myself with the problem of wrong texture printed. Viv thought that cloth will work the best and I excepted the challenge, but I had to printed to the piece of fabric and again using the essential skill set I screen printed it. Untitled-123456789

This was my last thing I played with 2 I just liked the playability of the text “The bird of love” it sounded so childish but at the same time it was very serious. With that final piece I wanted to make it more of a children’s play and this is the result.  2.1.1

And finally the hall exhibition



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