Two things you have to allays do for good final results: – allays hand-in work and allays hand it on time.

Two types of Assessment: – Formative (receive feedback without grade) and Summative (receive feedback with grade).

You can check with the tutor and get help but you have to remember that is all left to your responsibility.

So that is why I checked with Viv (our tutor for the Introduction to art and design) for the work of the posters for the psychological state and showed her my work because I felt that I need to improve it. This is what I showed her :Fin  We had a discussion and she told me to check Concrete poetry and Dadaism. She wanted from me to make it more arty. I didn’t fully agree with her because I wanted people to read the text because I liked it. So that is why I firstly tried to make it my way :ART3-1.3 ART3-1.5In the end I made it her way :ART3-1.2,2 And checked other people opinions just to get an approval that it was okay. In the mean time an idea has appeared in my head hat I can make the butterfly move its wings, which gave me a chance to play with the Arduino.


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