On the 8th of October we had to present independent ideas for the psychological state we chose.    LOVE!!!!!1love2For that poster I got the idea from these two pictures heart012015-10-08 17.48.58where I wanted ti show that love is not so much magical and is more commersialised.

  LOVE On our previous work, the people who I was working with, for the brainstorming part of the project, had an ideas of the love seen from the media, which I found very inspiring. And in the next photos I continued playing with that..

loveorigami LOveorigami3

LOVESIGAR2 I started to think more of how is love thought of and I remembered that there was a saying that love is like a flame. I started ponder on that and came to the conclusion that in the end any flame comes to its end and because cigarets are kind of symbol of lost, depression and desperation for me I thought to myself “Hey love is not limitless and it end sometimes, all you get out in the end is being left out all alone without anything to look towards to, just like a left out cigaret.”


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