2015-10-21 18.32.22    Great first day starting creative suites with Adobe Photoshop.circle mounkeyTheme – circle


I had a harsh time with pattern making, not because I didn’t know how to use the program but because I have never made bade patterns and had no idea how they may contrast one another. I tried different things like Illustrator Untitled-3But something in the colors and the way it looked didn’t appeal to me. I looked to other peoples work. tried to copy them so that I can see through their eyes and think like them. In the end I gust sow this image :28_lineart.jpgand thought “what a great arrangement of colors”. So I played with them and this is what I have gotten in the end: Untitleirtyrtyk17d-1.jpgNow I feel a little more comfortable with patterns and am interested to work some more ideas.


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