Curation (meaning): The gathering, organizing and presenting of content related to a particular theme or topic.

In different words – what is the best way to make the person on the other side of the wall to see what you want to show him. The power of displaying certain emotion and the way people interpret it.

      Of course people are filled with information of how they should see the world and all their surroundings on a daily basis. So we as a we as a graphic designers are given the opportunity to play with their minds. To draw and catch the ordinary mans attention.
      We see through history how the human eye becomes more and more lazy. Art becomes from something only the royal personas and great minds can do (Claude Monet – impressionism) to something everyone can do. And that is why artist starts to search more original ways to surprise, like changing spaces and points of view (Frederick John Kiesler).
    Key point in curation is making Art & Life one combined fluid. Although interactive forces of particular cultures and history is ever-changing end evolving which were the essentials for the birth of the White Cube (The way how the paintings are displayed in frameworks, lighting in the room , setting and mood of the room). Well separated and distinct from one another paintings hanged on the level of the eyes instead of the big mash in the early years. Beginning to bring the tone of voice.

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